Makeup & Skincare Lesson Packages


Get ready to elevate your confidence, transform how you feel and show up as your highest self every day

This is the perfect option for you if you’re ready to uplevel your beauty routine and want a simple, luxurious, effective routine that’s as individual as you are.

All whilst using products that are kind to your skin and health as well as our fabulous furry friends and our beautiful planet.

Let's create your signature look together

Forget about the one-size-fits-all approach you’ve been taught up until now!

Over a 1-month period, together we’ll create a beauty routine that’s best suited to your age, skin type and facial features and fits in with your lifestyle. A routine that brings out your personality, your individuality and your natural beauty.

You’ll know exactly what products to apply each morning. As you’ll have a capsule makeup bag of go-to products that are suitable for your skin type and complexion.

Your beauty routine will be quick, easy and thoroughly enjoyable every single day.

This ensures you’ll start off your mornings in the best way possible as you look and feel utterly fabulous and full of confidence as you ease into your busy day ahead.

You’ll continue to feel the wonderful, positive effects throughout the entire day. Ensuring you show up as your highest self in everything you do.


Here's What's Included

  • A Personalised Consultation

    You don’t have to waste your time on irrelevant information that won’t get you results. As I make sure from your consultation that I provide you with the information I know will be of benefit specifically to you. We'll do an in-depth review of your current makeup and skincare routine, what products you use and don't use and why. We'll also discuss your skin type, your current makeup skills level as well as what topic you'd like to concentrate on and exactly what you want to be able to do by the end of our time together.

  • Personalised Research

    Once we've completed your consultation, based on your answers I'll begin researching personalised product recommendations and preparing your lesson for you. Everything is tailored exactly to your face, your skin type and the look you want to achieve.

  • Your Personalised Product Recommendations Guide

    I'll then create your Personalised Product Recommendations Guide Book. No matter which topic you choose for your lesson, you’ll get up to 3 product recommendations related to that topic that are right for you. This not only includes the products, but also the exact shades that are best suited to you.

  • A Personalised Lesson

    Next, we'll go through a bespoke 1-hour lesson where you'll learn how to apply your products and the application techniques that are specific to your face that'll really enhance your best features and enable your natural beauty to shine through. We'll meet via Zoom (which is similar to Skype), you can sit back, relax and really enjoy the experience in the comfort of your own home. Feel free to bring something bubbly or a nice glass of vino too!

  • 1-Month Membership in Natural Beauty Society

    You'll have full access to all the masterclasses and member-only resources for a whole month. This is the perfect complement to everything you'll learn at your lesson and all the work we do whilst working together 1-1.

  • Learn Directly From A Professional International Makeup Artist

    When you book a lesson package with me, you’ll be learning from a professional who has years of experience working with thousands of women and men of all ages, skin types and skin tones. You’ll get direct access to all my knowledge, expertise and a decade worth of research and education in the cruelty-free and organic beauty industry. I work independently and I don't sell any products whatsoever. So you can be sure I always have your best interests at heart. My goal is to educate and make recommendations based on your individual needs and what’s best for you. As opposed to sales counter people and internet ‘gurus’ who only know how to apply makeup on their own faces and push products on you that aren’t necessarily best suited to you.

  • Products that are guaranteed to be natural, organic and cruelty-free

    Every single one of the products I use and recommend are from natural, organic, cruelty-free brands I've used in my professional and personal kits. So you'll have peace of mind what you’re buying is from a brand with great ethics who are 100% cruelty-free. And feel confident what you're putting on your skin is kind to it as well as your health.

  • The option to receive your product recommendations before your 1-1 session

    You can choose whether you'd like to receive your Product Recommendations Guide in advance of your 1-hour lesson. That way you have time to order them and have them delivered so you can use them at your lesson.

  • BONUS 1: A recording of your lesson

    There's no need to worry about forgetting anything from your lesson. And there's no need to waste time taking notes either (which is time you could use instead to really focus on what you're learning and to ask me as many questions as you like.) As I'll record the entire lesson for you. You'll receive the recording within 60-minutes of the end of your session. Then it's yours to keep and watch it as often as you need to.

  • BONUS 2: A Personalised Resources Guide

    I'll create a Bonus Resources Guide for you that will include notes and links to anything we chat about at your lesson. As well as plenty of bonus additional resources that will be fun, interesting and helpful to you in all aspects of your beauty routine.

  • BONUS 3: Shopping guide for your region

    Save yourself hours of research as I've done all the work for you. Because in addition to your Product Recommendations Guide where I'll give you the exact product names and the shades specific to you, I'll also tell you exactly where you can buy them in your region too. No matter what part of the world you live in.

  • One-Month Makeup or Skincare Lesson Package : €350

**PLEASE NOTE: I’m booked out 4-6 weeks in advance. Please take that into consideration. If you require my support sooner, feel free to send me an email to Let me know your requirements and I’ll do my best to accommodate you. 

" The biggest change has been in my skincare routine. I took your advice and switched up my cleansing oil and minimized the number of products I was using and my skin has improved 10-fold! Thank you so much!  I'm still not wearing makeup often but when I do it's just a tad of concealer and eyeshadow + the powder liner trick! Love it! "


How to Book Your Lesson Package & What Happens Next

Here are the next steps to booking your lesson.



Click on the BOOK YOUR 1-MONTH MAKEUP OR SKINCARE LESSON PACKAGE button above or below and you’ll be brought to the checkout area where you can choose your preferred payment method (PayPal or Card).



You’ll then receive 2 emails from me within a few minutes of making your payment.

The first will contain a confirmation of your payment.

The second will contain a link to my calendar so you can choose your appointment date for your 1-1 session with me. You’ll also receive an email confirmation of your appointment so you know everything is 100% confirmed.



Now we begin to get into the really fun stuff by starting with your consultation.

A couple of days later, I’ll send you a consultation form. We’ll go in-depth on everything you’re currently doing in your makeup and skincare routine, the products you’re using and not using and why, determining your skin type and skin tone, your struggles with your beauty routine and so much more.

This is also where you’ll choose the exact topic you’d like to concentrate on and what you’d like to learn. I’ve given you plenty of options to choose from. However, I ask you to select just 1 topic.

A makeup or skincare lesson where you learn ‘everything’ is great in theory. But in reality, it’s not beneficial for you. It’s too overwhelming and you won’t actually implement what you learn.



I’ll also ask you to send me a photo of yourself. This can be as simple as a selfie taken with your phone. With or without makeup is fine. I’ll leave that up to you. The most important thing is to take the photo in natural light (eg: in daylight in front of a window). That way I can really see your skin tone and complexion.



Once we’ve completed the consultation stage, I’ll then go away and begin with the personalised research phase as well as the creation of your Product Recommendations Guide.


A couple of days before your personalised 1-1 session, you’ll receive an email reminding you of the date and time of your appointment as well as a guide on how to prepare for your lesson. In addition, you’ll receive a tutorial on how to download Zoom (it’s really simple and takes about 30-seconds to do).


Approximately 1-hour after your 1-1 session, you’ll receive the recording of the lesson so you can begin watching it as soon as you like.


One week after your 1-1 lesson, you’ll receive an email from me containing everything including your Product Recommendations Guide, Shopping Guide and Bonus Resources Guide.

You’ll also receive a link so you can begin your 1-month membership in Natural Beauty Society where you’ll have access to all the masterclasses and member-only resources.


I'm ready to uplevel my beauty routine & show up as my highest self every day!

Amazing! Simply click on the Book Your Lesson Package button below to get started.


I can’t wait to work with you and help you feel utterly fabulous and full of confidence.